Melbet Terms and Conditions

Melbet operates according to certain rules. These rules are called Terms and Conditions and they contain information about the betting process. They explain the main definitions, how bets are accepted, winnings are paid and arguments are resolved. Terms and Conditions highlight all the controversial moments so that a player feels confident and secure.

Read the terms thoroughly before placing bets on our platform. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and possible disputes. If some rules seemed incomprehensible, apply to our customer support and Melbet operators will clarify disputable moments.

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Main definitions

Bet – an agreement between a person (a bettor) and a company (a bookmaker) on whether the event occurs or not. If the event takes place, a bettor is considered to be a winner and is charged a monetary reward.

Future bet – stake on the winner of the whole event in the future – not a single match or game. This bet is popular when it comes to big international championships – NBA Finals, Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc.

Total bet – stake on how many points/goals/rounds will be in the game. If the total in soccer is 5.5, it means a player should guess whether the number of goals would be greater than 6 or not.

Bookmaker – a company that provides betting services. It must be licensed.

Customer (a bettor) – a person that takes part in betting. They must be 18+ to gamble.

Outcome – the result of the event that a bookmaker offers. One event may have several outcomes.

Sportsbook – a list of events presented by a bookmaker together with indicated outcomes and odds. This information is given to customers to make a betting decision.

Canceled bet – a stake that did not play for some reason. In this case, the agreement between a bookmaker and a player is uncompleted and winnings are not paid – a customer’s wager is just refunded. Bet cancellation occurs due to obvious reasons – e.g. the event is revoked.

Regular time – the length of the game or match determined by the appropriate rules. It includes the time added by a referee but does not involve penalty shootouts, overtime, extra time, etc.

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Melbet basic betting rules

  1. Gambling is possible only after obligatory registration. Only 18+ are allowed to wager. Underage customers cannot use Melbet services and should immediately leave the platform.
  2. Multi-accounting is forbidden. One account can be attached to one IP address, email, or credit card. Violators of this term face account blocking and funds recalculation.
  3. If the bet is placed, it cannot be canceled. The terms of the placed stake remain unchanged. While the conditions of the accepting wagers can change. The bet can be revoked only if the event can’t take place.
  4. Melbet can consider the bet invalid if the odds were incorrect. In this case, money is paid out with 1.0 odds (refund)

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