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It has long been known: India worships cricket. But it is not so widely known that the country has a chic economy built around this sport: the Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights under a new contract (2018-2022) cost $ 2.6 billion. This deal is in the global top 10 and, in terms of one season (510 million), is ahead of, for example, the NHL contract valid until 2024 (454 million).

The incredible thing is that the IPL was founded only ten years ago: the first tournament started on April 1, 2008 (another hockey parallel: the KHL was launched just four months later). Melbet offers you an opportunity to place on IPL online betting and win with your favorite teams and players.

IPL Online Betting on Melbet

What is IPL (Indian Premier League)?

The Indian Premier League is one of the coolest sports tournaments on the planet. The IPL ranks second in the world in average salaries – $ 5.06 million (more only in the NBA) and 5th in average attendance – 30,000 spectators at a match.

Games are held in the abbreviated Twenty20 format; they last an average of three and a half hours – for cricket, this is not much because, in another form (one-day match), games usually go on for least five to six hours. It was with the launch of Twenty20 in 2003 that Indian cricket began to gain commercial appeal.

How to Bet on IPL at Melbet?

To make your melbet bet IPL, you need to complete some steps:

  1. Register your account. Click on the green register button
  2. Complete verification. Enter your details (name, address, phone number)
  3. Make your first deposit. Melbet offers a large number of deposit methods (including e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, Visa/Mastercard)

Don’t forget that you can place your bets with the Melbet IPL betting app, which IPL online betting has no significant difference from a desktop version.

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To use our Melbet promo code, you should complete the steps mentioned above (registration, account verification). Now let’s continue our way to get Melbet promo code:

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How to bet on IPL using Melbet

Melbet IPL Betting

Melbet goes toe to toe with online IPL betting and provides a wide selection of bets on upcoming IPL tournaments. Best cricket betting odds and live streaming are guaranteed. If you want to place cricket bets online – Melbet developed its mobile app for those people who want to be with IPL online betting while on the go.

IPL Betting Options at Melbet

In the bookmaker lines, cricket betting is represented by a wide selection of bets. These are both central and additional outcomes. Depending on the prestige of the tournament, bookmakers can offer quite exotic bets. For example, which team will win the toss. This bet involves choosing the team that will hit first. If we talk about online IPL betting, it has the following betting options:

Melbet IPL Betting and Options

IPL Betting Types 1

Handicap / Handicap Betting

Depending on the format of the tournament, the bettor may be asked to play a handicap between teams in two positions at the same time, for example, by the number of knocked down wickets and by the number of wounds. The number of runs is the number of points scored by the teams during the match. Other bookmakers either refrain from such in-line offers or may offer these rates independently of each other.

IPL Betting Types 2

Total bets

Here, the offers of bookmakers can also be varied. The most common bets are on the number of points that teams will score. In the line, you can also find offers for the individual number of points for each team, as well as for the number of issues that the teams will score before the first destroyed wicket. When placing bets on totals, it is necessary to clearly understand the tournament format, as this will be crucial in calculating the total number of runs.

IPL Betting Types 3

Additional bets

These bets include all offers that are not included in the bookmaker’s office’s baseline. An example of side bets can bet on higher or lower values ​​of handicaps and totals, exact score, and odd or even match capacity. The latter offers can be classified as spontaneous since any factors do not influence them, and it isn’t easy to find any system at such rates.

IPL Betting Types 4

Special bets

These bets include events such as (Draw Winner, Man of the Match, Best Partnership, Best Bowler, Best Batsman).

IPL Melbet Betting App

As we mentioned before, Melbet supports cricket IPL betting and has its Melbet betting app. To bet on IPL and get your online betting IPL betting bonus, you need to do the following:

  1. Download Melbet app for Android or iOS;
  2. Tap on the Register or Login button and complete verification;
  3. Then tap on the deposit button and make your first deposit using any payment method;
  4. Enjoy your welcome bonus.

Moreover, Melbet provides an online streaming platform for melbet live cricket. You can watch cricket melbet IPL via its website or mobile IPL betting app.

IPL Betting App

Best Way to Bet on IPL Online at Melbet

Any little thing can affect the outcome of a cricket match, so before the game, do not miss any information about the teams, lineups, leading players, field, and weather. If you come across a strange story about an upcoming meeting or conflicting facts, give up betting on a duel. There have been cases of match-fixing in cricket, and this may be one of them.

Bettors should pay particular attention to the location of the competition. Teams usually perform much stronger at home than on the road. Climate and terrain are of great importance. If, for example, the Pakistani national team travels to visit neighboring India, the fans can expect good results from it, while in England, it will be difficult for the team to adapt and show its maximum capabilities.

When you know that thing that can impact the match, you can catch the best cricket betting odds Melbet