Virtual sports betting at Melbet 

Every bettor has come across a situation when there is simply nothing to bet on in the bookmaker’s office. Especially when it comes to live matches. In such situations, there is a simple rule – do not give in to the temptation to bet at all costs. Your decision should be balanced, and the choice of event and bet should not be based on a mere desire to play.

Virtual Sports Betting

Observing all this, the developers of gambling software were able to come up with a new gambling direction. Now we are talking about virtual sports. This niche should not be confused with esports. Virtual bets are bets placed on computer-generated virtual events. In esports, people still control teams and characters.

Today, many different betting sites have included virtual betting in their selection. There are many reasons for this, of course, there may not always be enough goals, not even in live betting, and betting on virtual objects is a quick and really easy game.

Melbet has taken Virtual Sports for their product range and you can bet on virtual sports via the betting site. You can even bet on the World Cup in virtual football, basic football stadiums, basketball, tennis, raves, and greyhounds. If you are not excited about these virtual bets anyway, at least try to experiment with what looks and feels like. These can also be recommended for beginners who want to test their own knowledge in betting without having to have all sorts of statistics and other things needed for betting.

What is virtual money betting?

Betting on virtual sports is the same as betting on any sporting event. Thus, first of all, you must go to the virtual sports section of our bookmaker and choose the sport you are going to bet on. Next, the virtual sport will be loaded and we will see the list of available bets, similar to those of any event. For example, in football, you can bet on 1X2, over/under, etc., in races you can bet on the winner.

Select your bet by clicking on the market you want to bet on, and you will see that it is added to the betting slip. We can bet on several markets individually, for example, 1X2 and more than 1.5 goals without having to combine them. Once the selections are made, we confirm our bet and access the live view of the event we have bet on, as if it were being played in real life. Once resolved, the winning bets are paid and we return to the initial screen to play again.

Virtual Money Betting

Virtual football betting

Certainly, among all virtual sports, this is the most sought-after. His fame is primarily the result of the popularity of traditional real-life football. However, its online version is much faster and more dynamic, the matches last approximately three minutes and take place every five minutes.

In virtual football, in addition to betting on which team will be the winner, you also have the option of choosing the score of the game and who will score the goals. The sites offer bettors the last five results of each team within the virtual games to serve as a betting parameter.

Virtual Football Betting

Virtual racing betting

Horse riding is one of the most seductive activities in the sports universe. Racetracks are a kind of place of worship, which are visited every weekend by a good number of people with the intention of having fun and making money. As times change, the arenas do too, and it is for this reason that the great circuits of horse racing moved to the screens of computers and smart devices. It is in this way that virtual sports made use of such events, and transformed them into one of the most seductive and exciting activities in the betting and chance sector.

Melbet virtual sports betting offers you to see the statistics of each horse and thus choose the final forecast for each race. Once finished, you will know the resolution and you will be able to see the result of your bet.

Virtual Racing Betting

Bet on virtual cricket betting

Melbet virtual sports betting offers their players to bet on virtual cricket which is the most popular sport in India. Virtual cricket betting options are the same as natural cricket. Some of them are:

  • Outcome betting.
  • Handicap / Handicap Betting.
  • Total bets.
  • Additional rates.
  • Special rates.

Virtual Cricket India

Pros and cons of virtual sports betting

Security is precisely one of the points in favor of virtual bets, in addition to total availability. There can be no shady results, like those that can occur at the end of the season or in the qualifying rounds when one result benefits two teams. They are a very exciting option, available 24 hours a day and with events that are resolved in a matter of minutes so that we save ourselves the wait to see if the bet is a winner or not. In addition, there is a good range of sports available.

Available 24 hoursTotally random
Variety of sportsNo strategy
Demo modeMisleading odds
Intense and excitingNot real athletes
100% safe

Virtual Sports Betting Pros and Cons

On the other side of the scale, we have aspects such as unpredictability, since it does not allow the same analysis as in a real event, so it is more difficult to win than if we bet on a real event. We cannot follow a strategy, since the result will be 100% random. It is clear that this guarantees security, but it also reduces options for the player. Precisely this makes the odds are misleading since on paper the favorite and the underdog have the same real chances of winning, although it does not seem so from the available odds.

In short, we find ourselves with a short but intense game, with which we can quickly become familiar thanks to the demo mode and which gives us a different gaming experience, halfway between sports betting and the casino. In fact, we could talk about the merger between the two, since we are making sports bets that will be resolved with an RNG, just like bets on roulette or blackjack, although with nuances such as statistical information or the different odds.

Only time will tell if virtual bets are a success or not, but it is clear that in times when the sports offer is not very buoyant, or for when you do not find bets that attract you, virtual bets are presented as a good option, where In addition, we will not let the factor of sympathy for any of the contenders influence when betting.