Responsible gambling at Melbet

Gambling is an activity that should bring joy and fun. If you start feeling despair, outbursts of anger, or even suicidal thoughts after every single loss, this is an alarm. If gaming affects your working life and destroys relationships with relatives, this can lead to serious personality disorders.

Melbet tries to make a healthy environment where the risk of negative gambling consequences is significantly reduced. Our company insists that placing bets is a leisure part-time fun – not a source of main income.

Melbet Responsible gaming


  1. Underage gambling is prohibited. Our company does not advertise its services to minors and mentally ill people. We guarantee that our marketing materials (ads, sponsorship, affiliate program) are not intended to engage minors on the platform.
  2. If you share one computer with the underage, ensure that they don’t get access to your data (username, password, etc.). Children are curious and they can do it without malicious intent. We recommend using parental control software such as Cyber Patrol and NetNanny to nullify the threat.
  3. Melbet conducts frequent checks to make surу that only 18+ customers use our products. If there are some doubts about the age, the company may require additional information for verification. Account may be temporarily blocked and funds are frozen until further investigation. As soon as our security service obtains valid information that proves your right to gamble, all the limitations will be removed.
  4. We do not misrepresent any information about our products and services. Our company says that any player can equally win a solid sum or lose the one.

Terms of responsible gaming


  • gambling is entertainment – not a job
  • losing is not a catastrophe – treat it like a fee for a bookmaker
  • have a deposit limit and do not exceed it
  • have a time limit and stick to it
  • remember that online casino is riskier than sports betting
  • use only your payment methods and do not borrow plastic cards from relatives, friends, and colleagues
  • spend more time with your family, do not spend all your spare time wagering, and create balance in your life
  • do not increase the sum of bets trying to make up for the funds you lost – this can lead only to more painful results
  • do not use gambling as a way to struggle with stress
  • do not wager under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • learn about gambling addiction and make everything possible to avoid it.

Rules of responsible gaming

How to reduce the influence of gaming addiction?

There are no pills for mental disorders that will bring instant relief after one dose. There is no simple formula for how to fight off the issue too – but still, there are some solutions that can help

  • react immediately if you see the first signs of a problem
  • understand how the gambling industry works
  • control your money, make personal betting limitations
  • do not hesitate to ask for help
  • apply to Melbet customer supports – we deal with all sorts of requests.

Responsible gambling – is an ideal balance of personal interests between a bookmaker and a player. So let’s make it stable and persistent.

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