Melbet payment options

Melbet is a fast-growing popular betting service, it is characterized by reliability, vast betting, and payment range, and easy intuitive display. Another great thing about our company is a Melbet deposit system, which is created to accommodate the needs of a specific market. What is so special about Melbet deposit in India? Firstly, we accept the local currency – rupees, secondly, we accept – national star payment system PayTM with the whole bunch of other well-known services and last but not least is a first deposit bonus of ₹10,000. Have in mind that Melbet minimum deposit in India is 500 rupees.

melbet payment options

Before you can make any deposit, you need to go through with a registry procedure, which fairly simple. You have an option of four choices: use your phone number, one-click(the easiest you enter only your country of origin, currency, and a promo code for a bonus if you have one), via the e-mail address and by the authorization through social media. While entering the info don’t forget to select a bonus option, because we offer several of them. Also, you may use a promo code if you have one, simply enter the code in a corresponding tab.  Just remember that you need to be 18 to use our service.

Once we covered all the entry details, we can more closely dive into the Melbet deposit system.

Melbet deposit methods

Melbet deposit India has numerous options, which are tailored to feed the needs of our Indian clients. We offer dozens of ways to make a Melbet deposit, among which are bank cards, e-wallets, payment systems, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency. You are free to choose any, just have in mind that your deposit system should correspond with your withdrawal system, otherwise the sum of your withdrawals will be proportionately counted to fit the withdrawal system.

To make a Melbet deposit you need to be sighed in and log in to your account, then you open the deposit tab in the upper right corner. After that, you choose the appropriate way of payment for you. Any further action will be required by the payment option you have chosen.

Bank cards are a type of instant deposit method. To make a Melbet deposit you are free to use both credit and debit cards. The sum of the minimum deposit may vary in different countries and some banks may set a special minimum. We accept both Visa and MasterCard. In such a way, no service charges are applied.

Another immensely popular Melbet deposit method is direct bank transfer, this way allows you to make a transfer to Melbet accounts, note that you need to have standard procedure permission. Melbet does not charge any service fees.

Most relevant for the Indian customer will be the PayTM service, which is widely spread here. This is an easy way to make a deposit, also no service charges are applied.

Neteller is accepted by us as well, deposits are made instantaneously and our service does not administer any commission. To facilitate the process, note that the e-mail address of your Neteller account should match that of your Melbet account. The same applies to your name.

AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card, which is an accepted way of payment on Melbet. To transfer the money you need to enter your card number and a sum you wish to transfer to your Melbet deposit. The money should be instantly available, no service charges are implemented.

Moreover, a Melbet deposit in India can be done via cryptocurrency, same as all the others it is instant and free of any service fees. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and many others.

When you make a Melbet deposit for the first time you will undergo a verification process, so when you are filing the registration form please enter true real information. All that is done to make deposit and withdrawal safe and secure. The whole procedure does not take a lot of time and is done only once.

Melbet India offers a high level of security, having all the required licenses, making use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, in that way no third party can access your private info. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your Melbet deposit.

What is a minimum deposit on Melbet?

Melbet doesn’t have a standard minimum deposit, this sum may vary with different payment options. That’s been said, the amount of a minimum deposit on melbet may depend on the type of bonus you’re aiming at, for example, for an entry bonus the number is 110 rupees, for a casino bonus, it is 850 rupees.

On top of that, PayTM, for one has a minimum deposit requirement of 500 rupees. For AstroPay cards it is 800 rupees, whereas for cryptocurrencies it is a 1 mɃ which is equal to 600 rupees. For Neteller, the minimum Melbet deposit will be 750 rupees.

No matter exactly which payment option you will, Melbet is offering a great variety of sports to bet on. So, set out on a journey to win join Melbet the best and the safest betting company in the world. Do not hesitate to make a deposit, as tons of games and millions of rupees are waiting for you.

How to deposit on melbet using rupees?

Melbet is paying a lot of attention to the need of their clients, making everything possible to satisfy them to a maximum degree. For that reason, Melbet actively accepts deposits in rupees.

Firstly during your registry process, you need to choose the currency of your account, so when undergoing it please enter INR (Indian rupee) as a suitable currency.

If you are using bank cards or bank transfer you need to work with local currency bank accounts in rupees, so all the procedures are performed in rupees.  If you opt for prepaid cards or cryptocurrency you simply need to purchase them in rupees. Making a Melbet deposit via e-wallets is also dependent on a currency you have it in, so choose your payment tool accordingly. Of course, a well-known service PayTM is in the rupee game as well, by using PayTM you can make a Melbet deposit in no time.

How to withdraw on melbet?

To Withdraw money from your Melbet account you may use several options, for that you need to click on the account button in the upper right, then choose to withdraw, after that choose the suitable form of payment. The speed of the process may vary, but generally, the whole process takes several minutes.

Withdrawal methods

Melbet is a place to win, for that reason we have created an easy and well-functioning withdrawal system. It allows you to get your money in a fast and secure manner, without any unnecessary forms and clicks. You are free to choose any available form, but for convenience reasons, both the deposit and withdrawal method better correspond.

Among popular melbet, withdrawal methods are credit cards, e-wallets, including PayTM, cryptocurrency, and online banking.

If you select bank transfer you may take a minimum of 3000 rupees (the sum may differ from bank to bank) from your Melbet deposit, this process is similar to the deposit, you just enter the sum of money and fill out the other required details. If you are using bank cards the minimum sum for withdrawal is around 3900 rupees.

For Neteller, the minimum sum is about 420 rupees and in general consists of similar steps with the only difference in the required info. The same can be said about cryptocurrency, here the sum of your winning bet will be transferred into cryptocurrency according to the existing exchange rate.

Can i do deposit in mobile app?

Yes, of course, in the melbet mobile application, all the functionality of replenishment and withdrawal of funds is available as in the main version of the bookmaker.

Is Melbet betting site accept PayTM?

What sets Melbet apart from others, is the fact that we accept PayTM a popular Indian payment system. You can do both deposit and withdrawal, it is a quick and easy way to operate on a Melbet. If you are using Paytm for money transactions and want to add money to your Melbet Account. Click on PayTM while choosing the deposit method, that fills in the necessary info, and indicates the sum for a deposit (minimum 500 rupees). After confirmation, it will be instantly put into action and you will have money at your disposal, to make a bet.

How long does it take to withdraw from Melbet?

Withdrawing is a slightly longer process, but it still takes minutes. Most of the payment methods including bank transfers, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and India’s favorite PayTM take up to 15 minutes to execute a transaction. Bank cards may take longer up to 7 days. We provide you with several payout options to ease and facilitate the process and to avoid setbacks as much as possible. That way you can effectively get money from your account. Overall Melbet is an easy-to-use betting service, which is created for the customers. To make a Melbet deposit you don’t need to do any complicated actions, simplicity, reliability, and security are essential for us. But what is special about Melbet deposit in India? Well, here two things: rupees and PayTM. We always accommodate the need of our clients by trying to implement local facilities to the maximum. Now you know why is Melbet so popular in India.

What if the money does not come for a very long time?

You can always contact support.

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