Betting Tips

Sports betting is a very popular phenomenon in India. Millions of players bet on their favorite sports or teams, and many of them get many emotions, not to mention good wins. Melbet is an international bookmaker that offers Indian gamblers betting on sports, eSports, and even casino games. However, not all are experienced gamblers, and they need betting tips to understand betting.

Betting Tips

What are betting tips?

Betting tips are advice, strategies, guides, and more about betting and how to bet on sports correctly. Betting tips are very useful not only for newcomers who have no idea what betting is and want to sort out how to bet but for experienced bettors. The most popular betting tips in India are cricket betting tips and IPL betting tips. Betting tips might be helpful for experienced bettors by providing betting strategies that might increase their winnings.

The essential betting tips for the newcomers is the registration process. There is a reminder of how to create an account with Melbet:

  1. Visit Melbet official website and click on the green register button.
  2. Enter your credentials and verify your account. You can skip this step at the moment of registration, but it is necessary when you want to withdraw your funds.

Also, you can do the registration process via the Melbet mobile app. You can download it from our official website

What types of sports do you have to predict?

As it was mentioned above, Melbet offers their users a large selection of sports users can bet. Some of them are:


There is no formula ready to get the best football betting tips, but there are strategies and tactics to make them happen, and that is what you should always go for.

The first step is to study the game or event in which you are interested in giving your opinion on football, that is, analyzing the tactics of those involved, their history in confrontation, statistical data, and any other relevant information that will compose the forecast.

In addition to being informed about the event itself, valuable betting tips include analyzing the odds and available markets, which is essential for your forecast’s success.

Each bookmaker works with its market and, within them, particular odds for each of them, not counting the possibilities of combination. Equally important, therefore, is whether your football prognosis is potentially profitable within the context.

Even with all the preparation and football betting tips that you can apply, note that there are no guess games today that are error-proof or always 100% correct. Take this into account in the football prognosis, and only then will you be able to earn money by betting.

Football Tips


Cricket is the most famous sport in India and Indian players are always searching for good cricket betting tips. Melbet offers a variety of betting variations in cricket tournaments, including the IPL. With so many options available, there is a risk of confusion for new users. For understanding, they can get IPL betting tips free from experienced gamblers. However, that doesn’t guarantee success for you. First of all, you need to filter the information and have your own opinion of the match. Keep in your mind that IPL betting tips is not a solution – it is a guide how to bet on IPL

Cricket Tips


First thing you need to do while you bet on Volleyball is to learn a little about each team. And to know which one is the favorite to sell the game. So seeing recent results can help you understand who is most likely to win.

Besides, other information can help you know how volleyball betting can generate even more gains: see which leagues are most important: the Olympic Games are held every four years.Together with the World League, they are the two most important events in the sport in world terms;

Individual quality is inferior to that of the group: unlike football, having a great player does not mean that the team will be the winner. For he cannot do everything alone, so focus on the group, not individually;

Focus on less famous matches: the odds tend to be more favorable for games that are not so sought after by the spotlight. This is also true when compared to other modalities.

Football games are in high demand, and volleyball has fewer punters. Thus, the return tends to be more significant.

Voleyball Tips

Betting markets and odds

Melbet offers a large selection of bets that Indian players can make. Before you make your first bet, you should know what they are. So we are going to show you some of the Melbet cricket betting tips.

Single bet

The peculiarity of this bet is an attempt to predict only one outcome of an event. In this case, the winning is calculated according to the formula of the product of the sum of money by the odds of the bet. For example, you bet Rs. 1,000 at a coefficient of 2.20, which means that your winnings at the rate will be Rs. 2,200 (1,000 * 2.20), the net winnings are Rs. 1,200 (2,200-1,000, i.e. minus the amount of the bet).

Single Bet

Express rates

Express rates mean betting on several events at once. An essential condition for winning is winning all the designated events in the express. In other words, a positive outcome can be like this: a refund or a win. However, the game for several events at the same time has its drawback. If even one event does not meet the forecast, the total bet is considered a failure.

Express Bets


The system is a collection of several bets in a row. This is a kind of enumeration of several options for express bets with a fixed set of outcomes. The number of outcomes and the number of bets for each express are the same. The system’s profit is calculated as the sum of the wins on the express, which are included in the system. Read more about the system on our website.

The most popular types of bets are bets on outcomes (1×2) and bets on the total. There are also bets on the list (additional bets) – who will score first, how many substitutions, yellow or red cards will be in the match, etc.

System Bet

Melbet winning tips

To be confident in betting, Melbet advises you to develop your own experience, individual style. But remember the general principles of how to place bets correctly:

Hope you enjoyed our cricket betting tips. Melbet wishes you best of luck in your betting journey!

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